Official information from the Brazilian government, in real time

Through an API, your company can have official information from the Brazilian government, in real time, to be much more secure for registrations made by Brazilian citizens or companies.

CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry)

Access to updated information from the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF), which is the main Brazilian document. In addition to the passport, you can also request the person's CPF, and confirmation of the data will come directly from the official databases.

Available Information

By using the CPF query, you will have access to the following information:


     Registration Status

CNPJ (National Registry of Legal Entities).

The CNPJ consultation provides public information from the National Registry of Legal Entities, which helps you better understand your customers and suppliers. The information is obtained directly from the original registration database, which ensures more reliability, availability, and performance.

Available Information

By using the CNPJ query you will have access to the following information:

      Registration status


      Economic activity

      Legal nature

      Telephone number


Benefits of CPF or CNPJ Consultations

      See registration restrictions

      Base decision making on up-to-date and reliable information

      Minimize the risk of fraud from false information

      Prospect new customers and close new business


Advantages of Consulting to Serpro Information

      Access to information directly from Government, without intermediaries

      Information always up to date

      Information security

      Information reliability

      Minimizes the risk of fraud

      Enables automatic information checking

      Possibility to generate new business

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