Which is?

This service allows integration with your systems and, with that, automates queries and checks of information about the Debt Negative Certificates.

Benefits and Advantages

Improves the quality of credit assessment

Information security

Minimizes the risk of fraud

Access to information directly from the Government, without intermediaries

Reliability of information

Always up to date information

Enables automating queries and automatic information checking

Time is money. Do not waste time.

0 a 5.000

requisitions / month =

R$ 0,79

/ requisition

Register and hire the CND Consultation for your company.


How does the payment model work?

The charge will be made by the sum of the consultations performed, in the billing period, this sum will be multiplied by the unit value of the consumption range equivalent to the consumption made, as shown in the table below:


Who can hire?

Public and private entities

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