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Personal data, in real time

Datavalid validates personal data, in real time, directly from Brazilian government information sources, minimizing the risks of fraud. This way, your company improves the security of operations while still cutting red tape in innovative ways.


How does it work?


The contracting party submits the data or image they wish to validate through an API.

Datavalid consults the original government databases to validate the information and verify data.

Datavalid returns similarity index, probability range, or true and false.

Which validations are available?

Biometric Validation: From one or more fingerprints or facial photo, the comparison will be made with the CNH (National Driving License) fingerprint and facial photo base and the return will be given by similarity index (percentage) and probability range (low, high and very high), for each validated fingerprint or photo.

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Registration and Biographical Validation: The validation is made by sending registration information. The return will be through similarity index (percentage) for the descriptive fields and true/false for the objective fields.

Data that can be validated:

   CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry) Number and Status

   Number, issuing agency and type of identification document/State



          Date of birth



          Date of first qualification

          CNH Category

          CNH Expiration Date

          CNH Registration Number

Make it easy for Brazilian customers to onboard your company and fight fraud!



To learn more about Datavalid, contact the international service team: comercial@serpro.gov.br

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